Naming Rights For Sale



For a fraction of what it cost to put ones name on a building, put your name on . is a valuable opportunity for individuals and organizations looking to expand their influence and interact regularly with the online world.

Be an influential leader  in the Jewish community

As the  owner/sponsor of, you will have the opportunity online to attract the diverse Jewish  community online and an opportunity to connect with younger Jews. Opportunity to connect with younger jews

Naming Rights for 

This incredible opportunity gives the owner of the domain name the exclusive right to name , which could become known as “ – Schwartzman Institute of Jewish Studies/Learning”  or Presented by “The Schwartzman Family”

This is a tremendous option for an organization or family that wants its name connected in helping  the Jewish community or a fantastic opportunity to honor someone in their memory.

Your name will be a prominent mitzvah in the community!

As the sponsor/owner Your name or company name  will be prominently featured on the header  that will be seen by tens of thousands of every day.

Your ownership (create non profit corporation and donations) will partially underwrite the costs associated with keeping the website  fueled and online, enabling to connect  (content to those who need it most.)

Opportunities Exclusive One time purchase/contribution: $1,000,000 (perpetual domain ownership = naming rights)

Why You Should Consider  owning

  • Position your Family Name/organization as a forward-thinking, community leader.
  • Expose Judaism to a cross-section of demographic, geographic and lifestyle market segments
  • Build engaging relationships through thousands of impressions and exposures to online viewers every day.
  • Build positive Jewish associations through experiences, memories and traditions -made at
  • Jewish community engagement.
  • Influence  perceptions.


Your Benefits to Naming Rights or Sponsorship of Jewish Learning Center naming rights is far more valuable than a traditional building  sponsorship at a fraction of the cost.

  • Naming Rights provides you with the opportunity to create a valuable, positive association within the Jewish community  through content on the website including charitable promotional opportunities.
  • A nonprofit organization has the option to recognize a major gift from a donor by bestowing naming rights to a property in recognition of the financial support.

Or, the purchaser of may choose to donate the domain name to an outside organization, typically one to which it is closely related.

The sponsored name will have the opportunity to gain national and international  exposure both through visibility of signage within the website  itself and organically through name associations in media mentions and spoken reference.






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