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In a World Where Synagogues Have Less and Less Relevance. Goes Virtual.

Share Your Best. Inspire Others.

Showcase and Publish Your Best Sermons. Expand the Jewish horizons of others. ALL ordained rabbis are invited.


Accessible resources to find a Rabbi (no membership required) when one is needed. Find your local Synagogue and Rabbi. 



  • Rabbi, What Would You Do?
  • I’m Not A Rabbi, but.
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Best Sermons – Preaching is an art to inspire, with meaning to last a lifetime.

Rabbi TALKS – Powerful engaging insights in 18 minutes or less.

Thinking Outside Of The Synagogue

While Synagogues in the past had severed as an important role within the Jewish community, today many Jews are no longer finding meaning within Synagogues walls.



Need a Rabbi for your life cycle event or find your local Synagogue. 

Learning Center

Learning Center is an OPEN platform for ordained rabbis of ALL denominations. 

Virtual Rabbi

Virtual Rabbi

All the services on would find from a pulpit rabbi.



A learning environment with like minded people. Create your study group, pick your rabbi, interactive and virtually. All without borders. 


Need a Rabbi for a Life Cycle event? Browse rabbis, cantors, mohels, evaluate and compare their profile pages . You can find the right rabbi for needs. 


Rabbi anytime, anywhere. Its all about preferences. Contact a rabbi from the comfort of your living room. 

Digital Rabbi – Judaism For All

Need a Rabbi? Offering online what one used to from a pulpit Rabbi: an inspiring sermon, a rabbi to perform life cycle events, online interactive study groups, saying kaddish.

800px-Yahrtzeit_candle Yahrtzeit

Missed Yizkor? Say Kaddish.

Say Kaddish to honor your loved one. 

Join a physical prayer service virtually and say Kaddish with a minyan, the kosher way.

Virtual Rabbi Services

Connect with a Rabbi anytime and everywhere internet access is available. More

Inspire Your Soul

Each Of Us Has a Spiritual Goal. Come to and refresh your soul.

Explore More

‘Jewish Web of Life’ – Millions of Active Users 

  • All ordained rabbis are encouraged to contribute and share educational content, words of inspiration in an effort to expand the Jewish Horizons of others.
  • Rabbi TALKS the place to find meaningful Jewish insights in short powerful 18 minutes or less on topics from science to business to global issues.
  • Best Sermon, the effective sermon is one whose message and meaning last a life time (text, audio, video). Preaching is the art of taking the spoken word not only to teach but to inspire.


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