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A goal in creating was to assist families in need of a rabbi through the often daunting process of finding a rabbi.

In the past synagogues had served as an important role within Jewish society, today Synagogues are no longer connecting Jews with the community. With synagogue membership throughout the United States on the decline, many people have difficulty getting in touch with a Rabbi when they are needed. Directory – Complete database of rabbis of all denominations available for all traditional Jewish life cycle events for only the actual cost for a ceremony and still steeped in Jewish tradition.

  • Directory listing Rabbis of all denominations is available complete with customer reviews and ratings.
  • A central location for families to post ‘Rabbi Gig Requests’.
    • Brides post what they want for destination weddings – multiple answering bio’s of rabbis to choose from.
    • Families post what ritual desires (and nots) they want for Bar/Bat Mitzvah  – multiple answering bio’s of rabbis to choose from.


Post a ‘Rabbi Gig Request’ specifying your needs and have multiple answering bios of rabbis to choose from. Families can have carefully tailored ceremonies with a personalized experience from start to finish.

Directory of Rabbis available for:

Bris (the mohel)

Baby Naming

House Blessing

Bar/Bat Mitzvah




Hospital Visits – a patient via platform can request bikur choliem even via cyber is the place where everyone can find and choose their own rabbi, a rabbi they actually like.

Among the many areas where finding a rabbi can help you and your family have ceremonies that integrate Jewish tradition and are meaningful for you.

House Blessings

There’s more to a new home than just signing a few documents and starting to pay your mortgage. As the center for your family, it can also be the center of your Jewish life. A house blessing, which includes placing a Mezuzah on your door post, brings God into your home. Our rabbis don’t just perform the ceremony. They also explain it so that everyone can understand what is happening.


With’s Rabbi Matchmakers service, the entire world can be your chuppah. Our rabbis can provide a canopy, a glass and a ketubah and will meet with you two or three times prior to your special day. They can lead a ceremony that not only meets your state’s laws and Jewish laws, but also incorporates what you and your spouse feel, believe and want to share in front of your family, friends and God.

Brit Milah and Baby Naming

Jewish life starts very early on. We can provide a mohel and, if you desire, a rabbi as well. The combination of mohel and rabbi allows you to both circumcise your male child and have a meaningful traditional Jewish naming ceremony. If you have a daughter, the baby naming  service is typically held one week after she is born, and grants her a formal Jewish name. Both services can be held in your home and both can be customized to involve your family in many ways.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah

With a Rabbi Matchmaker, Bar Mitzvahs can be almost anything. Our rabbis can provide your Bar or Bat Mitzvah with online tutorial sessions to teach them to chant Torah and Haftarah and, even more importantly, to help them see how great Judaism and Jewish learning can be.


When the end of life comes, our rabbis can help you and your family with arranging a ceremony that is respectful and meaningful while also following halacha. We can help take many of the burdens of planning a funeral off of your shoulders.

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