• Modern day Bar Bat Mitzvah are most often held outside of a synagogue.

Why? Because before a child can have a bar or bat mitzvah inside bricks and mortar Synagogue sanctuary they most often require years of   the family to pay membership dues  as well as religious school attendance. offers Bar Mitzvah students and their families a real solution without the high cost of synagogue membership.

  • has rabbis available for a DIY  Bar/Bat Mitzvah steeped in Jewish tradition, with only the actual cost for the ceremony.
  • NO Synagogue membership dues, NO building fund fees, NO required Hebrew school attendance.


Taking the online route is especially good for today’s children’s , it is convent and flexible to the hectic schedule of today’s contemporary families. Tutoring via computer feels very natural after all adolescents can spend hours chatting with their friends online.

Actual Example – a rabbi  charges $950 for 12 hours in 15 min or half hour lessons (tutoring via skype / phone/ web cam ) another $850 for family exploration program (full family meaningful participation) and then $1,000 to officiate at a Saturday morning Torah service. seeks to help keep the Jewish community connected by helping individual and families find a rabbi. Enabling families to have their own meaningful Jewish experiences at their special occasions.


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