Rabbi com Overview June 2017

“Everyone Needs a Rabbi Sometime”

Rabbi.com now makes it easy to find a rabbi you’re going to like.

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Directory of rabbis and synagogues 

Free for ordained clergy (rabbi, cantors) to create an enhanced directory listing complete with individual ‘about us’ page, telling the world about himself/herself with the ability to upload photos, videos, weblinks…

Easy Referral Process

Rabbi.com revolutionizes the process for hiring a rabbi by allowing individuals to create a Free Rabbi.com account and post their individual needs/desires for their specific lifecycle event and have rabbis contact them.

Enabling families to have a meaningful Jewish experience at their lifecycle events.

Makes hiring the perfect rabbi more efficient and less intimidating.

Obtaining rabbinic services will be more cost effective.

Educational Learning Center

Providing an open platform for all multi denominational ordained rabbis to share the best and most beautiful things about Judaism. A true collaboration of rabbis contributing to its success.


In a world where synagogues have less and less relevance.

In the past synagogues had served an important role within Jewish society. Today the majority of American Jews are not members of their local synagogues. Meaning many people have difficulty getting in touch with a rabbi when needed, creating unnecessary obstacles towards practicing Judaism and the continuity of Jewish traditions.

Rabbi.com filling the void offering online what one used to find from a pulpit rabbi; an inspiring sermon, perform lifecycle ceremonies (Bris, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Weddings, Funerals, Unveilings), Hebrew school lessons, bar/bat mitzvah lessons, someone to say kaddish , online interactive study groups…

Rabbi.com providing affordable rabbinic resources/services to find a rabbi when one is needed without the financial commitment of synagogue membership (No membership dues). A directory of multi denominational rabbis available for lifecycle events.

Rabbi.com building an engaging learning environment.

  • Calling all rabbis

We welcome that Judaism accommodates a diverse range of interests and expressions. We’re building a nonjudgmental library of free knowledge from the world’s most inspired Rabbinic thinkers in a warm welcoming spirit.

Designed to share the best and the most beautiful things about Judaism – Providing an open platform (open submission) to ALL ordained rabbis to share Jewish principles, values, wisdom and insight.

Best Sermons – Have a good sermon you are especially proud of? Why not publish it on Rabbi.com and have it recognized. We are always seeking content/sermon to inspire mankind towards a better world.

Rabbi TALKS – Inspired by TED style  … short insightful (18 minutes or less) video talks devoted to Judaic insights on topics from science to business to global issues.


The founding mission of Rabbi.com is to inspire growth of Jewish participation.

Let’s Hear it From the Pews

On Rabbi.com, we’re building an inviting, welcoming, inclusive congregational community of curious souls to encourage and engage with ideas and spark conversations with each other. A multidimensional inclusive congregation center of Jewish life, open to all Jews.

Recognizing one of the greatest challenges facing the Jewish community today is the development of strategies that will insure continuity of our heritage.

Rabbi.com helping the Jewish community become more inclusive, meaningful, and welcoming.

Our Mission: Rabbi.com is about spreading positive Jewish ideas

Each of us has a spiritual goal. Come to Rabbi.com and refresh your soul.


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