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In a world where synagogues have less and less relevance

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NOT Mine – REALLY COOL VIDEO Your Creative Virtual Rabbi

Here are some ideas and ways one can use a :

  • To Publicize your Rabbi – for the Recognition he deserves.
  • Position your Organization or Family Name as a forward-thinking, Jewish community leader.
  • Expose Judaism to a cross-section of demographic, geographic and lifestyle market segments.
    • Increase Jewish community engagement.
  • Use  to build a community of dedicated followers who believe in your philosophy and support it’s mission.
  • As a fundraising tool –You can use a to build a community of dedicated followers who believe in your content and support your mission. 
  • Naming Rights provide the opportunity to create a valuable, positive association within the Jewish community  through content on the website including charitable promotional opportunities.
    • Your Name Will Be A Prominent Mitzvah in the Community.
  • Build engaging relationships through thousands of impressions and exposures to online viewers every day.


  • 501c3 Create a Non Profit Organization to run/administer  – it’s the gift of continued giving. (not financial advice) Offering online what one used to from a pulpit Rabbi: an inspiring sermon, a rabbi to perform life cycle events, online interactive study groups, saying kaddish.

Synagogues no longer severe  an important role within the Jewish community. Synagogues are no longer are connecting Jews with the community. will be all about spreading positive Jewish ideas.

We welcome that Judaism accommodates a diverse range of interests and expressions. Addressing the short comings of the Jewish community — a solution for those unaffiliated, all to inspire the people we care about most. Every Jew!

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Say Kaddish Virtually


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800px-Yahrtzeit_candle Yahrtzeit

Missed Yizkor? Say Kaddish.

Say Kaddish to honor your loved one. 

Join a physical prayer service virtually and say Kaddish with a minyan, the kosher way.

Share Your Best. Inspire Others.

Showcase and Publish Your Best Sermons. Expand the Jewish horizons of others. ALL ordained rabbis are invited.


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