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Virtual mourners kaddish prayer

Time of Need – Virtual Kaddish 

Advances in virtual communication, has make virtual mourners kaddish possible at Rabbi.com .

The coronoavirus situation is obviously of serious concern to all of us. In the face of the new reality and life stressors caused by corona virus Rabbi.com is now offering virtual kaddish.

Jewish tradition says that we must do what is required to preserve life and health, virtual kaddish from the safety of one’s home in now available at Rabbi.com.

Saying kaddish  virtually does not offer physical contact and interaction with others at the synagogue , which has its own benefits today. Rabbi.com virtual kaddish  serves  as a benefit of those  who find attending synagogue services  a challenge.

We face a serious challenge today, but there are ways to deal with it. If because of extenuating circumstances today ,one who cannot physically attend synagogue services on the anniversary of a loved one’s death and for those that are reciting the Mourner’s Kaddish can do so through the virtual kaddish without having to be physically in a public gathering.


“With regard to Mourner’s Kaddish, a mourner at a distance may recite it, but must be accompanied by a physical participant (a member who is physically present) in the minyan. This preserves the reason behind requiring a minyan for the recitation of Mourner’s Kaddish. It establishes community. Without this concluding statement, individuals might take it a step further and recite Mourner’s Kaddish on their own.”     

 click for link to source   Rabbi Jason Miller 


Rabbi.com has made virtual kaddish a reality, in our hearts, we want those Jews who are physically unable to attend a minyan (home bound due to illness or other debilitating condition), to be able to fulfill their obligation of saying Mourners Kaddish, Rabbi.com is offering  alternatives using technology – Virtual Kaddish .


We pray for a speedy recovery (refuah sheleeimah) for all who have contracted the coronovirus, we pray the spread of infection will be curtailed and we ask that each of us strives to be sensible and practice self hygiene.

Stay Healthy,



Please use the form below with as much information as possible eg date of yarziet or date mourners kaddish to be said, etc. 


How it works

Using Zoom technology in creating the interactive service, virtual minyans to allow the home bound to be part of a prayer quorum to recite the Mourner’s Kaddish

Minimally, it would seem that we could permit an individual to respond to the Mournerís Kaddish, and to fulfill his or her own obligation to recite kaddish thereby, though they would remain mute except to respond. Where there was a two-way voice connection to the whole of the minyan, as in an audio or video conferencecall, our preference, it would be proper for the individual mourner to recite the Mournerís Kaddish along with the minyan. Though the distant mourner is not technically part of the minyan, kaddish is generic praise, neither utilizing Godís name nor constituting a berakhah, thus we are under no constraint to limit its recitation on that account. However, even in that case, the individual is not part of the minyan, and should not be the sole reciter to which the minyan responds.10 Rather, some representative of the minyan must recite the Kaddish along with the individual at a distance. But it seems to me possible to be lenient even with one who hears and is not heard, allowing recitation of the kaddish by a distant mourner whom the congregation cannot hear as well. “

With regard to Mournerís Kaddish, some member of the minyan must recite the kaddish, but a participant at a distant location may recite it along with him or her, as this is not considered a superfluous blessing. (click for Source Rabbi Reisner)