Rabbi.com the Launch

Synagogues Have Les and Less Relevance Rabbi com

ANNOUNCING THE LAUNCH OF Rabbi.com , a website that allows individuals with rabbinic needs to find, compare and connect with rabbi  at the click of a button.

Rabbi.com replaces the traditional, time-consuming, and frustrating process for individuals hiring rabbi  with a centralized, efficient, and transparent online directory and referral process.


Educational Learning Center

Rabbi.com recognizes that one of the greatest challenges facing the Jewish community today is to develop long term educational strategies that will insure sustainable continuity of our heritage.

Whatever your education goals, Rabbi.com has video lessons on a variety of subjects, a clearinghouse of free knowledge from some of the world’s most inspired Rabbinic thinkers. Smart thinkers explaining Torah in a way that everyone can understand.

Providing an open platform for all denominations ordained Rabbis and Scholars to share Jewish principals, values, wisdom and insights.

  • Rabbi Talks  Inspired by TED style Talks, com Talks   are devoted to spreading Torah insights, in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less) that covers  all Torah topics — from science to business to global issues. Rabbi TALKS are engaging, positive, uplifting and inspiring videos.
  • Adult Continuing Education Courses taught by teachers/rabbi who are experts and skilled at explaining complex topics in simple, easy to understand ways.
    • Video lessons – difficult subjects explained with simple, bite-sized lessons.


Rabbi Referral Link

Rabbi.com revolutionizes the process for hiring rabbi  by allowing individuals with needs of a rabbi to quickly create a FREE Rabbi.com account and post  short answers  to a questionnaire  of their needs e.g.  type of event, denomination/religion,  ritual desire/not’s etc, of a rabbi to the site.   Posted rabbi request jobs are then emailed (anonymously) to rabbis  for review and consideration.  Rabbi  will then have the capability to submit their short responses for the rabbinic jobs that interest them. Those responses  are emailed directly to the individual that posted the job for review and their choice of acceptance or rejection.

This new method for hiring rabbi  will result in rabbi  coming to individuals, as opposed to individuals having to search out and contact a rabbi .  This will make the rabbi hiring process less intimidating, more efficient and more rewarding.

Rabbi.com Directory

Rabbi.com also offers individuals the ability to search the Directory for a rabbi  by denomination and geographical location.  Rabbi.com takes this traditional search function further, providing additional search criteria ( reviews, etc.) and more specific search results.  This feature alone will improve the current methods available for hiring a rabbi.

A goal in creating Rabbi.com was to assist families in need of a rabbi through the often daunting process of finding a rabbi.


Rabbi Talks, Rabbi Best Sermons, and more.


In the past synagogues had served as an important role within Jewish society, today Synagogues are no longer connecting Jews with the community. With synagogue membership throughout the United States on the decline, many people have difficulty getting in touch with a Rabbi when they are needed.

  • Directory listing Rabbis of all denominations is available complete with customer reviews and ratings
  • A central location for families to post ‘Rabbi Gig Requests’.
    • Brides post what they want for destination weddings – multiple answering bio’s of rabbis to choose from.
    • Families post what ritual desires (and nots) they want for Bar/Bat Mitzvah  – multiple answering bio’s of rabbis to choose from.


Directory of Rabbis available for:

  • Bris (rabbi/mohel)
  • Baby Naming
  • House Blessing
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah
  • Wedding
  • Counseling
  • Funerals
  • Hospital Visits – a patient via rabbi.com platform can request bikur choliem even via cyber


Bar/Bat Mitzvah

“Whoever teaches his son teaches not only his son, but also his son’s son – and so on to the end of generations.”           Talmud Kiddushin 30a

Rabbi.com offers Bar Mitzvah students and their families a real solution without the high cost of synagogue membership.

Before a child can have a bar or bat mitzvah inside bricks and mortar Synagogue sanctuary they most often require years of the family to pay membership dues  as well as religious school attendance.

DIY Bar mitzvah relieves the financial and time commitments synagogues place on both parents and students.

Complete B’nai Mitzvah services offered:

  • Clergy will meet with your child (local/online) for the preparation of their Bar/Bat Mitzvah.
  • We will train the children for Bar/Bat Mitzvah.
  • Prepare a personalized service for your child
  • Arrange for a real Sefer Torah for their B’nai Mitzvah.


Taking the online route is especially good for today’s children, it is convent and flexible to the hectic schedule of today’s contemporary families. Tutoring via computer feels very natural after all adolescents can spend hours chatting with their friends online.


Online Hebrew School 

Engaging videos taught by experienced clergy many have locally and abroad for many   , that are fast effective ways to learn. The lessons are short concise to help you master the material quickly complete with engaging quizzes to reinforce concepts.

No more working around a class or tutor’s schedule.

Take control of your Jewish education from the comfort of your home.

Learn, study anywhere you have internet access.

More fun than attending classes.

        Available anytime, anywhere …unlike tutors
Self paced courses


Each of us has a spiritual goal. Come to Rabbi.com and refresh your soul.

Rabbi.com Seeks to infuse energy and renewed vitality into the Jewish community.

Rabbi.com recognizes the importance of its role for Jewish continuity in a world where synagogues have less and less relevance.


for more information Please contact bruce via email  =   BDillerV (at) gmail (dot) com