Rabbi.com currently is in its pre-launch development stage. 

The founding mission of Rabbi.com is to be a beit torah, a house of Torah in the spirit of Ahavat Yisrael, the love of our faith, to educate, inform and inspire growth of Jewish participation.

Rabbi.com recognizes that one of the greatest challenges facing the Jewish community today is to develop long term educational strategies that will insure continuity of our heritage.

Rabbi.com stands as a united congregational family seeking to infuse energy and vitality into the greater Jewish community to insure continuity. As Jews, we are privileged with our very diverse backgrounds and when united as individuals there is sheer beauty in assembling together as a community.

We invite you to bask in the warm and vibrant atmosphere that uniquely defines rabbi.com and experience our world renowned Jewish thinkers who have come together to share ideas and expand Jewish horizons in the spirit of celebration; “Evdo Ess Hasem B’shimcha” to serve god with joy.

It is in that spirit we believe Rabbi.com can proactively assist synagogues to expand their outreach process through our ‘meet your local rabbi’ online programs. Connect with your local synagogue, rabbi, day school, with our zip code search.


Mission Statement:

The importance of Jewish continuity/sustainability in a world where synagogues have less and less relevance for American Jews.

Non denominational, non ideological  – The mission of Rabbi.com is to present Judaism in a positive light, create positive enlightened proud of their heritage Jews, teaching Torah and Torah values and to provide everyone with access to a rabbi because non synagogue members often denied access to their local rabbi.

Our agenda is simply to “make great positive Torah ideas accessible and spark conversations”.

Rabbi.com is all about spreading positive Jewish ideas.