Charity is a Mitzvah


What is a mitzvah?

In Hebrew, the primary meaning of the word “mitzvah” is commandment and precepts as ruled by God. It is the particular word utilized in Judaism, which refer to their 613 commandments provided in the Torah and the 7 rabbinic commandments later instituted for the sum of 620. This in accordance to the teachings of Judaism, the entire moral laws or derived from the divine commandments. On its second meaning, the Hebrew mitzvah pertains to commandments in English. It primarily refers to the moral deed that is performed as the religious duty. In addition the term mitzvah also pertains to the act of individual’s kindness. The third meaning of the word also pertains to a fulfillment of a commandment or mitzvah. Having the given ideas will probably answer your question “what is a mitzvah?”

As mentioned earlier the word is being used to describe the 613 commandments. Generally, the word mitzvah means a good, kind, or worthy deed. A lot of people on Jewish faith consider that they must engage in Mitzvot as usual as possible since this is a part of their faith expression. They believe that by doing so they will affirm connection with God on the daily basis and doing good or kind deeds in God’s name. A certain mitzvah could be big or little, as long as it is supported with the intention of acting good being the main point of your action.

Any number and form of actions might be recognized as mitzvah. Say for instance, you can drive the elderly individuals to their medical appointments, provide donations to some art organizations or perhaps volunteer for some animal shelter. The capability to make good deeds for creating connection to God enables people, who are somewhat deprived to build the relation with God, and provide contributions to the community where they live at. For example, the homeless people may not create or provide donations or tithes, and yet they can volunteer to lend help for collecting the garbage along the streets, or do other forms or mitzvoth that will benefit the community.

A lot of religions have their own long tradition of mitzvah of charity and heartening good deeds, in which Judaism certainly don’t have the exception.  For other people the acts of kindness are envisioned as a kind service and at the same time they are being encouraged by people at any ages. Even a little action like helping an elder person to cross the street or allowing yourself to stop when sight of an accident for helping, could already be viewed as one of a mitzvah. The mitzvah of charity is one of the famous forms of kind deeds. The origins of charity are actually considered as the utmost form of mitzvah. In fact, the mitzvah of charity is very high that will help improve your connection with God, which is mainly because of three things including charity, repentance and prayer.

People must certainly consider knowing about these things since there are no other things that are more important than strengthening a human’s relation to God. Even though you are not expecting for any returns of these deeds you still need to continue doing them. This is what really mitzvah of charity means.