A good-natured comment by California Rabbi Yitzchak Newman that ‘rabbi’s are just normal people’ went far beyond his synagogue walls, and resulted in a viral video…

Rabbi Yitzchak Newman decided to add wisdom and inspiration to Rabbi’s EVERYWHERE! He inspired Aron Fried, a creative filmmaker to produce this now viral video.


Over the years, Rabbi Newman had expressed the challenge of conveying to perspective synagogue attendees and potential parents of Hebrew school students that Rabbis are regular people just with a passion for Jewish education and often with a beard.


The important message was don’t be intimidated by the beards as they visit the school campus.

Understanding  that a visual message can be far more impactful than the written or spoken word, he turned to Aron Fried and asked, “Aron, when will you use your talents and make a video for your school?” Aron responded brilliantly, “I’ll accept the challenge” And so the deal was sealed.

A social media campaign was born and the rest is history as they say – the video went viral. In fact, one of the staff posted it on their page and within one hour it had 23,000 hits. More importantly, it resulted in precious inquiries to enroll more community kids into the school.

This all just goes to show, that you never know what can transpire when Jews get together for common good of ALL Jews. Enjoy …