The New world of online Judaism. Finding a Rabbi you actually like is very easy today

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The New World of Online Judaism is a revolutionary way for people to access the teachings and practices of the Jewish faith without having to physically attend a synagogue. With livestreaming services, Rabbi’s speeches and teachings available on YouTube, it has never been easier to find a Rabbi you actually like.
You can now watch inspiring lectures from Rabbis all around the world that are tailored specifically to your interests and needs.
Through online platforms such as Zoom or Skype, individuals can connect with each other in virtual communities that provide social support and spiritual guidance whenever needed.
Furthermore, individuals can participate in prayer sessions remotely while still connecting with their faith community members who they may not have seen in years due to physical distance or travel restrictions.
This new era of online Judaism offers many opportunities for people seeking religious fulfillment without having to step foot into an actual synagogue setting.